Sunflower Hand Painted Pendant Necklace

Sunflower HPM 001
There is a wonderful story about a sunflower that has roots in Greek mythology. Apollo, son of Zeus would take his chariot everyday and guide the sun through the heavens. On Earth there was a water nymph called Clytie and Clytie fell in love with Apollo. She would sit on a rock and would watch him for days, never moving except for her eyes. She sat there so long that eventually she turned into a flower, a sunflower which to this very day still follows the sun.

41x47mm pendant
24 inch chain
antique bronze
acrylic paint
glass and metal beads

Hand-painted with high quality acrylic paints on canvas paper and set into an antique bronze setting. You are sure to love this little piece of wearable art.

Each canvas is signed by the artist. All works are open edition unless otherwise noted.

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