After a bit of inner fighting within myself I have come to realize I was born to be an artist, I have since relinquished any fight left, picked up a paintbrush and began to paint again.

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I have had the pleasure of showing my work at some of the top Hollywood gift lounges there are, from the Emmys to the Golden Globes and the Oscars with GBK Productions and The Artisan Group. My work has been gifted to many celebrities and even made it to the red carpet on the neck of actress Tess Hunt

Josh Sussman's photo # 1

Josh Sussman and Tess Hunt on the Red Carpet #1

Josh Sussman and Tess Hunt on the Red Carpet #2

Row 1
A.J Buckley, Alan Cumming, Richard Middleton

Row 2
Kevin Sorbo, America Ferrera, Héctor Elizondo

Row 3
Shanola Hampton, Apolo Ohno, Terry O'Quinn

Row 4
Amara Miller, Raphael Sbarge, Catherine O'Hara

Row 5
Rico and Raini Rodriguez and family

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I am also a Founding Member of The Artisan Group